Setting Yourself Apart As A First Time Manufactured Home Park Buyer – Ross Mueller

December 14, 2018

In an age of increasing interest in the manufactured home asset class, where buyers far outnumber the sellers, first time buyers must do something to set themselves apart. As brokers, we value sellers assets, create a marketing process and help our sellers choose the best offer based on a myriad of items.  

Price is just one component. Ability to close or “perform” is another. How confident are we (the broker and seller) that all things being considered, that you ( Mr/Ms First Time Buyer) will be able to perform quickly and efficiently throughout the entire transaction? But most importantly, not to “retrade” our client based on your lack of experience for normal operational items.

Give yourself a leg up by having your credentials prepared. As a buyer, prepare a professional resume. Explain your methods of financing, knowledge of the buying process, amount of liquidity, and real estate transaction experience. Add notes on the area if you know it. Consider our seller(s) may be listing a decades old family owned business. These little touches can set you apart and ultimately help you win the deal. And as a broker, will keep you in our minds for future offerings.

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